January 15, 2024

Science Fair lights creative spark

At the end of the Autumn Term, our Science Club – one of the fantastic co-curricular initiatives offered at The Newbridge School – hosted their first ever Science Fair.

The 20-strong club were tasked with producing a science project that they presented to both staff and parents. Student had four weeks to compile their entries with the work being completed after-school.

Six imaginative entries were submitted; each one not only contained a detailed explanation about their subject of choice, but many also featured working models which practically demonstrated how the science worked.

There was a presentation on quantum mechanics, neurodiversity, a solar eclipse model, optical illusions posters, a baking powder volcano and a working demonstration of steam power.

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Acton was tasked with choosing an overall winner, focusing on how the physical presentation delivered key information, the quality of verbal delivery and the benefits of any demonstration used.

After much deliberation, Year 8 Freddie and Year 7 Euell were named overall winners. The boys worked together to produce a fantastic presentation, using working electricity to demonstrate how steam power worked; they were rewarded with a festive pack of Quality Street chocolates!

“[The fair] allowed students to use knowledge which they had acquired through science lessons and link to this to an area of interest or passion,” said Mr Acton.

“It also provided an opportunity to hone students’ leadership and communication skills as they presented to staff and other student's parents!”

The event was a huge success and plans are already underway to host a comparable event in 2024!