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As a school we set high standards and have high expectations, and believe this is the key to the excellent achievements of our students.

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Congratulations to our Year 11 Class of 2023!

Follow the link for more information about our AMAZING Year 11's GCSE Results!

GCSE Results Day 2023
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As part of Lionheart Venues, we are part of a group of contemporary multi-use facilities available for hire throughout Leicestershire. The Lionheart Academies Trust schools have successfully hosted many memorable occasions, events and activities over the years.

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our values and aims

In order to educate students who can think independently, behave responsibly and continue to learn successfully, we are committed to: 

  • Developing positive attitudes to learning 
  • Creating a secure learning environment 
  • Providing opportunities to release personal academic potential 
  • Encouraging physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development. 



"I've met lots of new friends at The Newbridge School, I love playing football on the field at lunchtimes"


We are delighted to welcome prospective students and their parents/carers to The Newbridge School, and we look forward to establishing strong and positive relationships with you.

Our aim is for our students to thrive in an environment that nurtures their creative ambition, by thinking independently, behaving responsibly and continuing to learn successfully.

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Latest News
Ski Trip 2024

March 13, 2024

Accompanied by five members of staff, the students assembled outside school before climbing aboard their coach and buckling up for the 26-hour journey to Modena in Northern Italy. Upon arriving at their hotel, students unpacked and enjoyed some well-deserved rest ahead of their first day on the slopes the following morning. Fuelled by a hearty breakfast of freshly-made crêpes, the cohort tentatively made their way to Monte Cimone – the highest mountain in the northern Apennines of Italy – and we…

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Science Fair lights creative spark

January 15, 2024

The 20-strong club were tasked with producing a science project that they presented to both staff and parents. Student had four weeks to compile their entries with the work being completed after-school. Six imaginative entries were submitted; each one not only contained a detailed explanation about their subject of choice, but many also featured working models which practically demonstrated how the science worked. There was a presentation on quantum mechanics, neurodiversity, a solar eclipse mod…

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Newbridge School's Year 11 Computer Science Trip to Bletchley Park

December 17, 2023

As part of the day's activities, our students delved into the intricate world of encryption. From unraveling the past to exploring the present and peering into the future, they engaged in a comprehensive course that deepened their understanding of this crucial aspect of computer science. The students also got the opportunity to wander through the halls of Bletchley Park, soaking in the historical significance of the site. Walking in the footsteps of the codebreakers of World War II. The interact…

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Badminton team's sporting success

November 24, 2023

Hosted by the North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership (NWLSSP) every November, this event recognises the sporting accomplishments of young people throughout the year.  Our KS3 Girls Badminton team took away the 'Secondary School Team of the Year' trophy this year. Their competitive success, strong team spirit and fair play, secured this award for them.  Throughout the year, the team worked hard balancing their academic studies with badminton training, refining their skills and showca…

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October 23, 2023

“They say your school days are the best days of your life,” Mark says, smiling, “but you don't realise that until you leave! “Not only did I meet life-long friends at The Newbridge School, but the standard of teaching and the empathy shown by my teachers helped to shape my own personality,” he added. By his own admission, Mark was not an accomplished academic, but did acquire a positive collection of skills that made him highly employable once he left and started to search for opportunities. At…

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