Research consistently points to the fact that students who read for pleasure get better outcomes at school. Our library helps to create a culture where reading for pleasure is encouraged and celebrated more widely. 

As well as providing a wide range of the most up-to-date literature, along with lots of classics, our wonderful library is keen to offer enrichment opportunities for students to develop their reading skills and enjoyment. Each week, the library hosts a wide range of reading interventions during which students develop their ability to decode at a word-based level, understand at a whole text level and, also, have opportunities to enjoy quietly reading to themselves or aloud to a teacher. Additionally, our school uses the library as a base from which to run a range of competitions and activities to coincide with national events for example World Book Day and national writing competitions. 


The Library is open from 8:35am and can be found adjacent to the Year 7 diner.


In order to make a book request or to reserve a text, students should:

Speak to, or email, Mrs Marshall.

After a student had requested their resources, the Librarian will deliver their resources to them. 

In order to return texts, students should bring their books back to the library on time and deposit them in the book box or pass to the Librarian.


Years 7 – 9 are allowed to borrow

  • 1 Fiction book
  • 1 Non-fiction book

Year 10 – 11

  • 2 Fiction books
  • 1 Non-fiction book

Students are allowed to borrow resources for 2 weeks. Books and resources can be returned directly to the librarian or via the post box in the library.


When books are overdue, parents will receive a text or notification encouraging them to remind their child to return the items they have borrowed. Students who fail to return items on time will also be spoken to by a senior member of staff.

If students want to know about their own loans, check due dates, write reviews or browse what there is in the school library, then they can login using the link below.

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