Our Aims

In order to educate students who can think independently, behave responsibly and continue to learn successfully, we are committed to: 

  • Developing positive attitudes to learning 
  • Creating a secure learning environment 
  • Providing opportunities to release personal academic potential 
  • Encouraging physical, emotional, social, moral and spiritual development. 

What we stand for; 


Every Newbridge student will progress on a journey to personal, social and academic success through; 

  • Effective teaching 
  • High standards of achievement and creativity
  • A broad and balanced curriculum 
  • Valuing talent and achievement 
  • Encouraging reflection and self-evaluation 
  • Monitoring progress and intervening with any student who falls behind 
  • Working in partnership with parents and carers 


Every Newbridge student will thrive in a supportive community where our core values include; 

  • Equal opportunities for all 
  • Treating others with respect and kindness 
  • Fostering well-being and self esteem 
  • Developing resilience 
  • Clear expectations of good behaviour 
  • Growing a sense of pride in our school and its community