Newbridge Reward Points

The vast majority of our students meet our expectations and display high standards in terms of behaviour and attitudes towards learning. 

We recognise the need to celebrate these students. It is important we recognise and reward students when they demonstrate the behaviours we are promoting.  

Students can receive a reward point for a variety of things, including: 

Producing work to a high standard  

Demonstrating effective SLANTing 

Entering the classroom in an effective manner. 

Giving high quality answers in class. 

Students receiving reward points will be acknowledged through a system of awards and certificates.  

Award stars are given out to any student who displays positive behaviours during social times. Students can hand these stars in to their tutor who will collect them in and record them on Beehive as an Achievement Point.  

This allows us to reward students outside of lessons, even if we don’t teach them, and reinforces that the behaviour and attitudes we expect apply to all aspects of school life.