Newbridge’s Key Stage 4 curriculum is tailored to our students’ individual needs, aspirations and interests.

Students can study a range of qualifications that comprise a core programme and additional option subjects. The core programme consists of GCSE courses in; 

  • English Language 
  • English Literature 
  • Mathematics 
  • Combined Science (equal to two GCSEs) 
  • History and/or Geography 
  • Together with non-examined courses in practical PE, Personal Development/RSE, Ethics and Philosophy and Careers. 

Students then have additional option subjects which they can choose.  

English Baccalaureate (EBacc)  

By studying History or Geography and French, students are eligible to achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc). A study by the UCL Institute of Education shows that studying subjects included in the Ebacc provides students with greater opportunities in further education and increases the likelihood that a student will stay on in full-time education. With its broad range of academic and enriching subjects, the EBacc pathway provides students with a strong platform for A Level study in the Sixth Form. Students who achieve the English Baccalaureate will ultimately progress to higher education or advanced apprenticeships. 

To find out more about our Key Stage 4 curriculum subjects please navigate through the pages below:


Fine art practice is designed for anyone who enjoys exploring an idea, conveying an experience or responding to a theme or issue of personal significance with creative design.

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Business Studies

Studying business at GCSE can be useful for anyone. We are all influenced by businesses every day and developing your understanding of business/finance is key for the wider wo…

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Citizenship Studies

GCSE Citizenship Studies has been designed to enable learners to understand and appreciate key citizenship issues at home, in school and as young citizens in their wider commu…

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Design and Technology

Students who like to design and make their own working products; and enjoy specialist design disciplines such as, textiles, 3D product design, graphics, jewellery, architectur…

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All students will study English Language and Literature in Key Stage 4.

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If you enjoy learning a new language and developing your understanding of other cultures then French may be for you.

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If you have enjoyed Geography at KS3 and you are interested in environmental issues and current affairs then you will enjoy GCSE Geography. Some of the topics that we cover w…

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Health and Social Care

Students will learn about how aspects of sociology, psychology, biology and law are applied to make up the subject of Health and Social Care. Key to their study will be the ab…

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Students who want to explore the depths of the world around them will enjoy taking GCSE History.

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Hospitality and Catering

Love cooking? Ambitions of becoming a chef; joining the catering industry or running your own shop, cafe or hospitality business? This course is for you!

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Mathematics is fascinating and enables you to explore the world around us; spotting and classifying patterns, manipulating numbers and algebra.

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Fancy yourself as the next Elton John, Beyonce or Jay-Z? Interested in working behind the scenes in music production or events? BTEC Music Practice may be the subject for you!…

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Performing Arts

If you are a creative individual who has enjoyed dance/drama at KS3 then you will enjoy taking a deeper look at performance pieces at GCSE, alongside the skills needed to ensu…

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Religious Studies

If you have a passion for understanding others, and the world around you, then GCSE Religious Studies will help to develop your knowledge of our diverse society.

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Science/Triple Science

GCSE Combined Science is studied by all students at GCSE - Triple Science is an option choice which looks more closely at each specialism(Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

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Sports Studies

The Sports Studies course involves a mixture of practical and theory PE and will be a good choice for you if you enjoy physical activity and learning about the mechanics of th…

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