SMSC & British Values

At Newbridge we are committed to preparing all our students for life in modern Britain and promote and teach British values. In this way we not only develop students as successful learners but also as confident individuals and responsible citizens. We recognise the ever changing, multi-cultural and multi-faith nature of the UK and the vital role the school has in making sure that no-one is subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by people who aim to influence them. 
We actively promote equal opportunities and will not tolerate any discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality, financial or political status. 
At Newbridge the principles of British values are embedded in everyday life, and we promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding across and beyond the curriculum. 


Students are involved in democratic processes and representation such as: Voting for and volunteering for: 

  • School council 
  • Sports leaders 
  • Anti-bullying ambassadors  

Our school is committed to promoting equality. Everyone has a right to have their voice heard.  

We learn about the importance of freedom of speech and how members of parliament and local politicians represent us. 

Rule of Law 

We have a set of agreed rules and expectations so that all students can learn and succeed and so that our school is a safe and happy place for all. 

We learn about the need for rules and laws, how they govern and protect us and the consequences of what happens when laws are broken. 

IndIvidual Liberty 

We respect the rights of everyone in our school and we take responsibility for our own actions.  

We learn about freedom of choice and the right to respectfully express views in a safe environment. 

Respect and Tolerance 

The Newbridge School is a place for everybody. Discrimination of any kind is not accepted, and we show kindness, respect, empathy and understanding to people from different religions, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.  

We explore different cultures and beliefs, and we learn about tolerance and respect. 


At Newbridge school we recognise the importance of preparing young people for life in the modern world and upholding the fundamental British values that make our country so great. 
The education of British values is present throughout our curriculum as well as being discreetly taught in our assemblies, RE, Personal Development, tutor time and Careers lessons.