Post 16 Options

Information and advice on what to do after Year 11

They must consider if they want to continue in full time education (A Levels or college courses), apply for an apprenticeship or look for work and training. Starting at the end of year 10 students will be given support to help them make informed decisions.


Search for a college course

  • PS16 - Positive Steps at 16 (PS16) is an online college prospectus for Leicester and Leicestershire.
  • Learner Application Help Guide - Help guide to assist students with making an application on PS16.


T Levels

T Levels are new courses coming in September 2020, which will follow GCSEs and will be equivalent to 3 A Levels. Read more here.



  • Find an Apprenticeship - Search and apply for an apprenticeship in England. For more information on apprenticeships please see our apprenticeship page.
  • Informed Choices - A Russell Group guide to making decisions about post-16 education
  • Not Going to Uni - Not Going to Uni, the online apprenticeships guide that offers you advice on how to become an apprentice
  • The Student Room - The largest student community in the world! Discuss anything from universities, health, lifestyle, relationships and more.
  • What qualification levels mean - In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there are 9 qualification levels. Find out what they mean.
  • Grading new GCSEs from 2017 - A visual guide to the new grading structure for GCSEs.
  • A-Level reforms: what it means for you - A Which? article looking at the A-Level reforms and what they mean for students.
  • School Leavers Guide 2023 - A Guide to Career Options, for school and college leavers, designed to help students consider their options after they finish GCSEs, A-Levels, Scottish Highers and similar qualifications.
  • TARGETcareers Guide to your future 2019 - Find out about the different options for students when they leave school, including university, apprenticeships, professional qualifications and more. 
  • TARGETcareers Construction, Engineering and Property 2019 - Interested in a career in engineering, surveying, construction or property? This publication will show you the options and help you get started on your career journey either via university or through an employer’s apprenticeship or school leaver scheme.