The principal aim of PRE is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and worldviews address, so that students can develop the understanding and skills needed to discuss varied responses to these questions, as well as developed responses of their own.

Students begin their journey into the world of philosophy, religion and ethics by engaging with the key tenets of religious tradition, so they are able to address the three strands of:

o Believing - enquiring about people's beliefs and the teachings that they follow whilst addressing questions about meaning, purpose and truth

o Living - exploring values and how these affect daily lives and practices

o Expressing - exploring religious and spiritual forms of expression as well as exploring questions about identity and diversity

Students learn to explain how different beliefs about these questions influence peoples’ attitudes and behaviour. Students study a wide range of views with a focus upon responses from the Christian and Hindu traditions in Year 7, as well as examining how art can be used to express the spiritual. Moving into Year 8, students will be exploring religious and non-religious Ethical Systems, Islam and How prejudice can be turned into reconciliation. In Year 9 students will use their skills of enquiry, analysis and evaluation to question ‘Do we need to prove God’s Existence.’