May 23, 2024

STEM Club shines at local event

Supporting the local community, The Newbridge School STEM Club created a fantastic presentation and model that was featured in a recent Coalville C.A.N event for primary-aged children.

The ‘Poo Exhibition’ was designed to help people better understand the digestion process and the indicators of colon cancer. It took place at Coalville Library at the end of May and the club – which is made up of 10 students from Years 7 to 9 – worked together to construct an interactive machine that was displayed at the event.

They created an elongated human body, which demonstrated how the relevant organs fit together, and used household appliances like bowls and spoons to demonstrate food travels through these organs.

Different colourings were used to represent stomach acid and enzymes, whilst cereal was chosen as the demonstrator food that would be ‘digested.’

“As it came out at the end of the process, it very much looked like poo!” noted Science Teacher Mrs Batchelor.

Alongside the working model, the STEM club also produced a professional presentation detailing each stage of the digestion process.

Not only were they able to help the local community, but they were also able to consolidate and build upon their own understanding of a topic that is covered in both Year 8 and Year 10 Biology.

We are very proud of them. Well done!