July 10, 2023

Sustainability Solutions Project

Recently, a number of our students presented their work to an audience at The University of Leicester.

Newbridge School students were tasked with considering sustainably ventilated buildings which would have less reliance on artificial cooling systems in warm climates. The team broke down the challenge into two parts. Firstly, they wanted to prevent overheating and secondly, prevent cooler air from escaping. They found inspiration for part one in the Quiver tree. Coated in a fine powder, this tree reflects light, and the students felt this could be applied to roof tiles and walls. Crucially though the surface would be rough to diffuse the reflected light so as not to blind people or wildlife. To prevent cool air escaping the solution was to use sheep’s wool as an insulator which would trap the air in multiple pockets.

It is hoped that this project can be taken to the next step with the help of the university’s staff and students.
We are all so proud of our students who demonstrated creativity, confidence and resilience.

You can read more about the event and the project by following the link below 👇
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